About the PATH Training + Certification

This training encompasses a 1-hour presentation including a survivor-leader account, emerging research and data, as well as 2 case presentations. Surveys administered before and after the training will assist in gauging training efficacy to continue advancing healthcare provider awareness and comfort in managing trafficked victims. 

This training is approved by the State of Texas Health and Human Services for Health Care Practitioners and fulfills HB 2059 requirements.

Why take This Training?

Training Objectives:

Recognize Trafficking Victims

In this training, you will learn to (1) recognize potential trafficking victims upon assessment, (2) better understand and recognize the health impacts of trafficking, (3) recognize risk factors and red flags related to control and exploitation, and (4) screen patients and clients routinely and systematically in your practice setting.

Provide Trauma Informed Care

After our training, you should be able to (1) provide immediate trauma-informed care, (2) be conscientious of trauma to minimize re-traumatization, (3) establish safety and build trust, and (4) empower your patient/client.


Through this training, we will provide information on how to (1) counsel patients on their resources and options, (2) connect the patient to a trafficking hotline and resources, and (3) develop a response protocol tailored to your healthcare setting.